Pioneering research into Generative AI for low-resource contexts.

We are pushing the boundaries of Generative AI applications to solve real problems and exploring innovative ways to apply them effectively in resource-constrained environments. 

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Our Focus Areas

We are collecting large amounts of multimodal datasets – text, audio, image and video – to build generative AI models that performs downstream tasks.


We are developing text models that uses a large volume of under-represented language datasets meticulously augmented and codemixed. These models can perform downstream tasks such as Q& A in native dialects with greater accuracy.

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We are exploring the application of AI to process voice data and audios in under-represented languages for Speech-to-Speech (STS), and Automatic speech Recognition (ASR)

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Our research centers on models that are able to generate highly contextual and representative images, from text descriptions, built using a vast database of Afrocentric visual images.

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Our Training Approach

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Hybrid Class learning Delivery

We provide both on-site and virtual classes, delivered by our expert faculty

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Business use cases & on-the-job applications

A project-based learning model to help your teams identify immediate application of the tools

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Industry-level Capstone Projects

Get your team to work on your company’s data and extract business insights

Why DSNai?

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Award-winning and Biggest AI learning platform in Africa

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Evidence-based Training

Bespoke and organizational project-based training that addresses your organizational needs

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Best In-class Project Support

Excellent Project and overall Consulting support

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Expert Data Science Faculty

Experienced tutors from leading global organizations

We’ve worked with leading global organizations, state government & agencies 

Global Certification Providers we work with