Local Languages.
Boundless AI Possibilities.

For Africa.

At DSNai, we’re building hyperlocal, augmented, and context-rich text, audio, images, and video datasets, models, and APIs to unlock generative AI for the next billion native speakers in Africa.


Trusted by leading global organizations

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Delivering AI possibilities in everyone's native language

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Hyperlocal & Inclusive Datasets from everyday.

At DSNai, our innovative approach to data collection leverages a large network of local crowdsourcers who provide audio, text, image, and video datasets of daily conversations, events, places and people.

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Human-enabled Data Augmentation for improved diversity and model performance

10,000+ network of  crowdsourced and incentivized data collectors, curators, reviewers, image/ video generators, voicing and augmenters, providing valuable data augmentation, ensuring language variations that optimizes the performance of our large language models (LLMs)

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Gain Access to Models through our SaaS integration for last mile users

Interfaces that seamlessly offer medical consultations in your native language, generate personalized learning content in any local dialect or make your app, ATM machine, or call center communicate with customers in their preferred language. 

Deepening Last-mile access to AI solutions across Industry

Our highly localized language datasets, APIs and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) at DSNai, will support multiple use cases for deploying solutions across a range of industries and sectors