Our focus at DSNai is to solve everyday problems for everyday people through our mass market approach to AI.

We are deploying the capabilities of Generative AI as we develop indigenous and contextual data to make AI possibilities accessible to everyday people in developing economies.


AfroLLM: Scaling Access to Generative AI solutions

Our Focus

We are delivering Generative AI applications to transform how people live, work, interact and transact.

Using low-end mobile devices, we are making Generative AI capabilities accessible to individuals and businesses in close-out communities

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AI Systems for the Mass Market

We have niche expertise and core dedicated teams building for these market domains.

Personal Finance

AI-powered interactive applications to drive financial inclusion

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Growing economies understand the importance of ensuring small and informal businesses are effectively supported to thrive. These businesses are operated by scarcely educated individuals who do not have access to complex digital financial solutions. As a core part of our focus, we are leveraging local datasets and Large Language Models (LLM), developed within the local context and optimized for offline access, to power interactive financial applications that helps small business owners successfully manage their money, get financial education, and access credit facilities to grow their businesses.


AI-enabled immersive and adaptive learning

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Basic quality education is still a struggle for educators in low-resourced communities, and contextual learning is largely absent. We have leveraged localized datasets and LLM to create immersive learning experience for young learners. We are empowering educators to generate tailored content and offering students adaptable learning resources, thereby ensuring equitable access to engaging, contextually relevant, and adaptive learning experiences. the next generation are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to grow and excel.


Next-Gen drug discovery and healthcare delivery

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Our focus is on redefining the trajectory of drug discovery, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights to expedite the identification of novel compounds and therapeutic solutions. By seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and advanced molecular modeling, we’re accelerating the journey from concept to cure.


AI-powered geospatial mapping and crops yields prediction

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Many emerging economies, particularly in Africa, continue to grapple with the challenges of food shortages and insecurity. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, as a part of our focus we provide a platform that seamlessly integrates geospatial data and advanced analytics,  to help farmers improve crop yield. With precision mapping and real-time insights, our technology empowers them to optimize resources and make well-informed decisions that underpin agricultural success, and can significantly scale profits for the farmers and produce availability for consumers.

Experience the power of integrated AI Capabilities

Our Generative AI application extends the landscape of possibilities for millions in Africa, leveraging hyperlocal and multilingual datasets.