A Comparative Analysis of Semi-Supervised & Self-supervised Classification for Labeling Tweets about Police Brutality

A Practical Framework for Building & Managing Digital Crowdsourcing Communities

A spaCy model for Medical Named Entity Recognition(NER) in Nigeria Social Media

AFRIFASHION1600: A Contemporary African Fashion Dataset for Computer Vision

AFRIFASHION40000 : A GAN generated dataset for African Fashion

AFRIGAN: African Fashion Style Generator using Generative Adversarial Network

AFRIRAZER - A Deep learning Model to remove background & Skin from Traditional African Fashion Images

AI-powered understanding of Family Planning Behavioral Change using the Fogg Model

Artificial Intelligence for Pharmacovigilance in Nigerian Social Media Text

COVNLP: A Multisource COVID-19 Dataset for Natural Language Processing

EDUSTT: In-Domain Speech Recognition for Nigerian Accented Educational Content in English

Federated Grassroots Community Model for Catalyzing Artificial Intelligence for Common Good

NaijaNER: Comprehensive Named Entity Recognition for 5 Nigerian Languages

Problems and Solutions Documentation Template for Machine Learning Competitions

Real-Time Crowdsourcing of Health Data in Low-income Countries

Semantic Enrichment of Nigerian Pidgin English for Contextual Classification